Advantages of Using Window Films in San Antonio

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Why use window films in San Antonio?

Everyone knows the damage the sun?s harmful UV rays can do to anything that is constantly subjected to its exposure. Your drapes and furniture are proof of how the sun can fade fabrics and other objects over time, leaving them drab or potentially ruined due to discoloration. This is a problem for many homeowners and businesses in the greater San Antonio area who do not know what else to do other than purchase heavily lined drapes and blinds to help keep their furnishings out the sunlight. This, of course, takes away the beauty of natural light as well as the view outside the windows.

Instead of closing yourself in and having no idea what the outside world looks like, a solution to your problems can be to use Texas Glass Tinting. We at Texas Glass Tinting offer a better solution, Window films are a great alternative to heavy drapes and blinds. Plus, with professionally installed window films you won?t have to worry about any pretty window treatments being ruined by the sun, either! Window Film and window tinting is available in a multitude of styles and colors that will compliment your design ideas and allow you to see out without having your privacy invaded.

A good type of San Antonio window film for homes and businesses is one of our Spectrally Selective Films. This is a high performing, energy conserving solar film that will allow you to let the light of day in without harming your furniture, carpet, or curtains. Spectrally SelectiveFilms and our Low E Filmscan have an infra-red elimination of up to 98%. The UV rejection rate is more than 99%. These window films are also scratch resistant so you do not have to worry about it developing spots that can allow the sunlight to creep through. The glare is practically non-existent. In addition if you are worried about how it will look, not to worry. It is practically invisible so you do not have a metallic look to the windows of your San Antonio home or business.

There are many types of San Antonio window films that have a limited lifetime warranty. Using solar window films can and will reduce your utility bills by providing less heat through your windows. The air conditioning does not have to work as hard so the cost of your CPS electricity should reduce significantly.

By,Tracy Marshall CEO

Texas Glass Tinting


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